Bingo & Keno

  • 3 Wishes Keno
    3 Wishes Keno

    Here’s your chance to get three wishes granted for the price of one – 3 Wishes Keno takes you on the magic carpet ride of your life!

    Take your pick with up to 10 numbers on the main game board, then have the helpful genie work his magic with an additional three picks of his own. Scoring a win with any of your own numbers guarantees a payout, but strike it lucky with any of the genie’s symbols and you’re looking at up to eight times the prize specified!

    Today could be the day the house numbers fall your way, with incredible jackpots of up to £/€200,000 on offer! Play for fun and wager as little as £/€0.05 at a time, or go for bigger wins with bigger stakes – it’s all up to you with this uniquely enchanting adventure.
    3 Wishes Keno is a game you know and love made so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

    Minimum bet: €/£0,05
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Keno Blast
    Keno Blast

    It’s all in the name! Keno Blast makes the already amazing casino staple even more fun with a unique ‘ball blasting’ theme! It couldn’t be easier to play - simply place your bet on the board of 80 numbers in front of you, choose how fast you’d like the blaster to fire and hit the button.

    Then it’s just a case of seeing if Lady Luck is on your side! Tickets start from just £/€0.50 each and go up to a maximum of £/€10 – the higher the stakes, the more you have a chance of winning! However, if you manage to luck out with all ten numbers you place on the table at the same time, you could walk away with as much as £/€250.000 – not bad for a day’s work!

    Keno Blast brings the game you love into the 21st century – one blast and you’re hooked!

    Minimum bet:£/€0.50
    Biggest win: £/€250.000

  • Bingo

    The classic Bingo experience the whole world loves is now ready and waiting for you to get stuck into!

    Online bingo is always a hoot, but is often far too complicated and removed from the real bingo we all know and love. It was about time things were brought back to basics, which in this case involves a standard 75 number set, three rows of numbers and a steady stream of balls picked at random.

    All you have to do is match the five numbers in any of your rows to those being drawn and there you have it…BINGO! And don’t think it’s all a game of playing for pennies either – with a 10,000X top-tier multiplier on offer and stakes from £/€ 0,10 to £/€ 20, there’s always a chance you could walk away with a whopping £/€ 200,000!

    A life-changing sum of money for a simple game of Bingo? You better believe it!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Bingo Bonanza
    Bingo Bonanza

    Adding a fresh and exciting twist to the classic game the world simply adores, Bingo Bonanza is all about fast-paced thrills and big wins!

    The aim of the game is simple – just match up all the numbers in one of your play lines before all 60 balls have rolled out. What’s great about bingo is how once you’ve entered into the game, it’s a case of just sitting back, crossing your fingers and watching your fate play out before you – genuine excitement!

    You can always play for free to get a feel for the thing, but even in real money mode wagers start from as little as £/€ 0.25 up to a maximum of £/€ 20 If the balls are drawn in your favor then you could see yourself with a multiplier of 1X up to 10,000X the amount you bet, which means a jackpot of an astonishing £/€ 200,000!

    Bingo Bonanza – the name says it all!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Bubble Bingo
    Bubble Bingo

    With Bubble Bingo, there’s really no limit to how far your luck might take you!

    Another welcome twist on a classic concept, Bubble Bingo gamers can play up to 12 cards at a time with each card featuring three lines – that’s 36 chances to win in every single game! All you have to do it match one or more of your lines to the bingo ‘bubbles’ drawn within 45 picks…the earlier you match all your numbers, the more you’ll win!

    It’s a simple, colorful and endlessly playable affair where jackpots are huge and stakes can be as low as you like. You can play from as little as £/€ 0.10 per line and prize multipliers go as high as 10,000. So if you fancy trying your luck with a £/€ 20 line, you could find yourself £/€ 200,000 richer by the end of the game!

    Bubble Bingo isn’t the same game you’ve played at the seaside with the family…it’s a whole lot better!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Disco Keno
    Disco Keno

    It is time to get your dancing shoes on and do the disco with Disco Keno!

    You can play up to 8 cards in 1 game; simply choose from 1 to 8 cards to play and watch the keno machine release 20 balls where 15 of those numbers out of 20 have to match in order to win. Maximum prize is €/£200,000.

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Espresso

    Espresso is like a brilliant cross between the standard scratch game and a round of bingo – two games the world is madly in love with! The only difference here being that a massive £/€ 200,000 jackpot is on the cards for those that play their beans right!

    Take a seat at a relaxed and fashionable coffee shop, choose how much you’d like to bet on the card and see if you can scratch your way to a fortune in cash prizes! Each of the coffee beans in front of you will reveal a random number, which must then be matched to your own numbers in the gaming area.

    Match a full line and you’ll be taking home a cash sum of up to 10,000X the amount you paid for your card. And with cards on offer from just £/€ .10 right up to £/€ 20, it’s so easy to stay in control and play for pure fun!

    With Espresso, your daily coffee really never tasted so good!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Keno

    Everyone loves a good game of KENO – especially when there are gigantic sums of cash to be won! Play KENO online and you stand a chance of taking home a 10,000X multiplier jackpot, which no matter how much you stake on the game could mean a fatter wallet than you ever dreamed possible!

    It’s the same easy playing experience you already know – simply choose anything from one to 15 numbers and see if your lucky digits get drawn at random. The higher the stakes the bigger the wins you could pocket if you play your cards right!

    With KENO it’s a case of selecting your lucky numbers, sitting back and watching fate play out right there in front of you! You might win a few-time your staked amount or you might pocket a small fortune – either way you’ll have one heck of a good time playing!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,20
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Keno Deluxe
    Keno Deluxe

    How to make the already simple and fun game of Keno even better? Easy really – Keno Deluxe combines the game you know and love with a brilliant online scratch experience! And if that wasn’t enough, how about a top prize of £/€ 300,000 up for grabs?

    That’s right – a single card could be all it takes to take you right into the next tax bracket and beyond! You get to choose up to 15 numbers, then it’s just a case of seeing if Lady Luck is in your corner as the winning balls are drawn! The higher the stakes and the more you put on the line, the bigger your wins could be! But then again, playing Keno Deluxe for fun is always a blast in its own right!

    You can play from as little as £/€ 0.20 with card prices ranging to an upper limit of £/€ 10. Even if you don’t win, Keno Deluxe is the kind of game that always leaves you with a smile on your face!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,20
    Biggest win: £/€ 300,000

  • Quick Play
    Quick Play

    Quick play is, without a doubt, the most exciting and innovative lottery game you have ever played!

    Draws take place every 60 seconds during the day and 6 out of 36 balls are drawn at random – they are each marked with a color (green, yellow, red) and a number ranging from 1 to 36.

    The rules are as simple as they get: before a draw takes place, you can make various bets on the outcome of the draw, with each bet having its own payout – with bets ranging from numbers, colors, and the sum of the outcome of the draw. 

    Do you fancy your chances on a color not making the draw? Or are you more inclined to predict the sum of the draw?

    The choice is yours – place your bets!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • The 60´s
    The 60´s

    Aaah the 60’s… You can practically smell of the Summer of Love in the air, see the hippie-favourite bell-bottom trousers, and of course remember that this was the decade when a perpetual squabble began: “The Beatles or the Stones?”

    The list of things which make that fabulous period seems to be never ending and sure it was a magical time, but were there online instant games with prizes of up to £/€ 200,000? Unfortunately not.

    Thankfully, you are able to enjoy this thrilling game that we are offering you! The rules are simple. All you need to do is choose the amount that you want to bet, pick the number of cards you’d like to play, and click ‘Play’! If the random numbers which appear match the numbers which you have on your cards, you win a predetermined prize!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

Also available on mobile and tablet
Only available on mobile and tablet
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