5 Tips How to Host a Viking Casino Party

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Looking to host a fun-filled casino night at home with the guys or gals? Why not make it a Viking Casino party?

As you might have noticed, here at Viking Slots we are huge fans of all things Vikings. If you share our love for the mythical Nordic sea-borne warriors then this is your chance to show it off to your friends while hosting a thrilling evening raiding slots and other assorted casino games!

Setting the mood

The first thing you’ll want to take care of before your friends arrive is giving your house a real medieval Scandinavia mood. There are many simple ways of doing this without breaking the bank, such as covering your chairs with fake fur, hanging tapestries on your walls, and of course using nothing but candles and moonlight to illuminate the room.

Now that your party has a decidedly Viking look to it, the next step is to pick the right soundtrack to give your home that authentic epic Viking feel to it. For this, we have already done the work for you (you’re welcome!) and carefully curated a few playlists for you featuring either traditional Viking music, or the fantastic soundtrack to the immensely popular History Channel show Vikings. Play either of these and you’ll be guaranteed to get everyone feeling like a true Nordic warrior, ready to pillage the slot games for great treasures!

Creating a True Viking Feast

Your house may now feel like a real medieval hall, but no Viking feast is complete without a table filled with authentic Viking food! Vikings would celebrate feasts in order to ask the Gods for fertility in their lands and success and riches from their raiding expeditions. Before raiding the casino banker with your friends, make sure to first incur the gods favor and satisfy everyone’s hunger! A typical Viking feast consisted of a large variety of roasted and boiled meats – particularly pork, horse and goat, salted fish, rich stews, root vegetables, greens, cheeses, and sweet fruits and nuts.

For our casino night Viking party, however, putting on an entire feast like this might certainly be a bit over the top, so we recommend sticking to authentic Viking snacks and appetizers that are perfect to satisfy your cravings for real Norse food. These include:

Viking Bread

Cheese tray

Nässelsoppa (Nettle Soup)

Honey Glazed Root Vegetables

Chicken Stew with Beer

You can find recipes for all of these fantastic dishes here.

Drinking Like a Viking

What is a Casino night without a few drinks? Certainly not a Viking one! Drinks like Gin and Tonics, Jack and Cokes, Martinis and Old Fashioned are the most popular cocktails of choice during most casino nights. However, if you want to show your guests a full Viking experience, there are other more traditional options you might want to serve as well.

viking drinks

During a feast, Vikings would drink abundant amounts of Ale, heady fruit wines (for the wealthier Vikings), water, buttermilk and most of all Traditional Mead, usually drank from their iconic drinking horns.

Mead, or honey wine, is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man, and it’s made by fermenting honey with water using yeast, fruits, spices, grain mash, or hops. It can be still, carbonated, or sparkling, as well as dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. If you truly want to impress your guests, you can find instructions on how to make your own mead here.

While definitely not an authentic Viking beverage, you can also look into serving some delicious Viking-themed cocktails such as the Screaming Blue Viking or the Viking Blood Cocktail.

Getting Ready For Battle

Finally, now that your guests have arrived, feasted on your glorious Viking snacks and helped themselves to some of your home brewed Mead, it’s time to get into your battle garbs before heading to your devices to pillage and plunder the slot machines!

viking party

In order to look the part without much effort, we recommend buying some Viking Helmets and braided Viking Wigs. You can find and purchase authentic looking helmets online, ranging from cheap options to more expensive realistic replicas. Another way of looking the part is to drape yourself with some fake fur pelts, which are inexpensive and easy to find anywhere.

Lastly, it’s time to choose the weapons you will raise to the gods in celebration after every victory. Whether you choose the Hammer of Thor, a Battle Axe or simple a shield to defend yourself from losing streaks, the important part is you are ready to throw yourself into battle!

Choose your favorite games

Now that the entire party is decked with your full Viking gear, it’s time to start gaming! Each Viking can now go to their laptop or tablet and log into their account. If a guest did not bring either, don’t worry as all of our games are playable through Android or iOS smart phones as well.

Select your favorite game, whether it’s one of our wide selection of thrilling slot games, our classic casino table games or even our live dealer casino where you can play with the rest of your party against the house!

May the gods of Valhalla be with you!


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