What Slot Game Suits Your Personality?

Written by - Published by Viking Slots on Fri, 07/04/2017 - 12:15

what slot game suits your personality

One of the best things about being a slot gaming enthusiast in this day and age is the almost endless variety of options available for you at the click of a button.

With the industry’s top game developers adding dozens of exciting new slot games each month to their already massive catalogue of hit slots, it is certainly an amazing time to be a slot player!

However, if you are new to the thrilling world of Viking Slots you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by our head spinning selection of games, each featuring a unique theme and different gameplay options – such as amount of reels, paylines, free spins, volatility, and jackpot type.

While here at VikingSlots we encourage our players to try out all of our slots for free and discover their favorites, we also know that it will take you a long time to go through them all.

But fear not! On this article we will help you to decide what slot game suits your personality.

Casual gamer

Just like girls, casual gamers just wanna have fun! If you are a casual gamer you don’t take your gaming very seriously and don’t usually get too invested in winning or losing, as you only play amounts that you set aside for some relaxing time at the slots. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t love a big win like anyone else!

Casual gamers usually prefer slots that give them their money’s worth of action, featuring entertaining characters, state of the art animations and lots and lots of bonus rounds!

If you are a casual gamer, we recommend you try out some easy-going slot games with fun themes, engaging quests and plenty of free spin rounds such as Piggy Riches and Gemix.


Conservative players are the lovers of the old school Vegas slot machines and new games created in the same retro style.

If you are a conservative player you are not looking for shiny 3D graphics, too many reels and paylines, or even free spin games that more often than not just end up confusing you. All those bells and whistles are not your style- you are a straight shooter and you want your slot games to get to the point.

For our conservative gamers we recommend our traditional slots like Fire Joker and Mystery Joker, each one offering you a taste of the old Vegas slot machine action!


Adventurous gamers are always in search of a new quest that will take them to exciting new places, and want the games that they play to reflect their audacious spirit.

If you are an adventurous gamer, you enjoy diving into rich new worlds filled with colorful characters, complex challenges, and larger than life journeys that allow your imagination to run wild – all while collecting a few hidden treasures along the way.

gonzos quest

If you are looking for a gaming experience that can quench your thirst for adventure we recommend Gonzo’s Quest, Microgaming’s amazing Game of Thrones slot, or Secrets of Atlantis.


For analytical gamers strategy is the name of the game! If you are analytical player you are not just looking for games that offer you mindless entertainment or a relaxing time, but rather games that can you can beat by employing the perfect strategy.

Your approach to gaming is disciplined: Each decision is carefully measured by understanding the probabilities behind it, and every bet size is consistent with a bankroll management strategy designed to give you an advantage over the house. Normally analytical players tend to choose high return to player (RTP) games such as Blood Suckers, Big Bad Wolf and Book of Dead.

Thrill seeker

Thrill seeking gamers are always looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush! You never feel more alive than when you have money on the line and are looking for that huge payout that will make you jump up in excitement.

While you might share the adventurous gamers love for larger than life quests, it is going for those huge jackpots that excite you the most. More than any particular theme, the stakes must be high for you to really feel that adrenaline cursing through your veins.

If you are a real thrill seeker gamer, we would recommend Hall of Gods, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune – the slot famous for having broken the Guinness world record for largest jackpot win in the world, not once but twice!


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