Instant games

Try one of our many entertaining instant games and win up to £/€200,000. They are all really simple to play, but at the end of all the instant games there are grand prizes of 200k waiting plus there’s a win on every third play. Exciting, isn’t it?

So what exactly makes it an instant game? Neither of these games are 100% slots or table games nor scratch cards. Instead the primary objective behind these games are to create a really simple game that is

  1. Very entertaining
  2. Has a BIG top prize

That is what makes a game an instant game in our eyes. 


Right now you can receive our welcome offer with up to 100 spins on some of our top slots plus up to £/€200 extra in bonus on your first deposit, if you are a new player.

To receive the welcome offer, all you have to do, is to create an account and after you will be ready to play the entertaining instant games.

All instant games

  • Secrets of El Dorado
    Secrets of El Dorado

    Mysterious and alluring, the Secrets of El Dorado game is not to be missed. Explore the mystery with as little as £/€ 0.50 per bet and win up to a maximum prize value of the ticket price x £/€20,000. 

    Delving into the hidden depths of the lost temple has never been so rewarding. If  you seek out the Sun Idol as you play, watch it collects prizes from areas marked by the Moon Idol, which can be found in 2-9 areas. Sit in awe as you’re awarded the prize whenever the Sun Idol is also discovered there, giving you huge winnings all in one go. If it’s intrigue and multi-wins you’re looking for, then this is the game to play.

    The ancient treasures of El Dorado are there for the taking, and you never know…you might just get lucky and find the Emerald Star to secure an instant win in the scratch game!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0.50
    Maximum win: £/€ 300,000

  • Magic Spinner
    Magic Spinner

    Magic Spinner’s slick design and simple user interface is a sight for sore eyes, giving you the most pleasurable and extremely thrilling gaming experience possible!

    Offering you the chance to earn thousands with initial bets of just a few cents each, this is sure to be suited for anyone who’s up for making big profit!
    Randomly drawn combinations of three symbols need to be placed in grids and you need to do get the highest possible score when doing this. You get points if you manage to get the same three symbols in a horizontal or diagonal line across all four grids.

    Your prize depends on the amount of your total score, and each round is won if you manage to get at least 100 points!  Take the game for a spin and see how fast this baby goes!

    Minimum bet:  €/£0,10

  • 100m Champion
    100m Champion

    Race for the gold medal with 100m Champion, a fast-paced track and field scratch game with a top prize of £/€ 200,000!
    Playing is as simple as wagering your chosen amount on the runner of your choice, which can be as little as £/€ 0.10 up to a maximum of £/€ 20.

    You can bet on as many of the eight runners as you like – get it right with the whole team and you might just romp home with the gold and hit that life-changing jackpot!

    Fancy a trial run before putting any real money on the line? No problem, just give 110m Champion a spin in fun mode and see what’s in store without taking any risk at all!
    It’s a beautifully simple scratch game offering potentially huge payouts and real thrill-a-minute gameplay. So don’t hang around – strap on your running shoes and head for the start line!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Alfredo

    If you can’t stand the heat, you better not go anywhere near Alfredo’s kitchen…let’s leave it at that!

    Adding a uniquely delicious twist to scratch games as we know them, Alfredo serves up a mouth-watering combination of colorful visuals, simple gameplay and the promise of some seriously high-calorie prizes! You can wager anything from £/€ 0.25 to £/€ 20 on each round of play, which involves matching the fabulous food symbols to win a cool cash prize.

    How much will you win? Well, uncover three matching symbols and the oven door with open to reveal your multiplier – anything from 1X to 10,000X time the amount you wagered!

    So with a top price of £/€ 200,000 on the cards for those with the right recipe for success, it’s little wonder chef Alfredo is dancing all around his kitchen! With that kind of cash in the oven, you probably would be too!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Candy Tale
    Candy Tale

    Candy Tale may look like a sweet and innocent treat, but with a whopping £/€ 200,000 prize it’s a game that means business…big time!

    Most scratch games you try your luck with these days feature a multiplier. However, Candy Tale takes things a whole lot further by featuring a double-multiplier that comes into play with every single win! No matter how much you wager on each card, your winning line will be multiplied and then the new total will AGAIN be multiplied by the number revealed under the gaming area!

    You can play with amounts of anything from £/€ 0.50 to £/€ 20 per card, with total multipliers ranging from 1X to a full 10,000X the card’s value! So while those gummy bears might look a little too cute to net you a fortune, you could well be in for the sweetest treat of your life!

    With Candy Tale, you just never know when you might start writing your own success story!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Cash Farm
    Cash Farm

    Bet the farm and win it big or play it safe just for fun – it’s all up to you with the amazing Cash Farm scratch game!

    What’s hiding behind the barn doors? There’s only one way to find out – place your bets, open them up and take a look for yourself! From shaggy sheep to playful pigs and all things fun and friendly, these cute little critters aren’t just there for fun – they could win you a tidy packet!

    Simply match any three characters in any one barn and you’re a winner! You can bet as little as £/€ 0.5 and as much as £/€ 20, with multiplier values going right up to 10,000X! Or in other words, your lucky barn could see you going home with a full £/€ 200,000 – quite the cash cow, we’re sure you’ll agree!

    Cash Farm brings all the fun of the farmyard right into your home!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Casino Riches
    Casino Riches

    With Casino Riches you can triple your fun and triple your chances of a win at the same time!

    This unique scratch game lets players have a spin on the roulette table, their luck on a thrilling slot and roll the craps dice – all at the same time! Three times the fun of the average scratch game, there’s a maximum prize of £/€ 100,000 up for grabs and you can play for as little as £/€ 0.50 per game!

    You might win one of the games, strike it lucky on two or take home a prize from all three – scratching has really never been so exciting! It’s colourful, it’s super-easy to play and you just never know when Lady Luck might be in your corner!

    Casino Riches brings gamers the fast-paced thrill of the casino and promises some seriously impressive prizes.

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Club Pearl
    Club Pearl

    One of the simplest yet most rewarding scratch game experiences ever launched, Club Pearl is the place to head for big wins and instant thrills!

    It really couldn’t be easier – simply pick the oyster you think is the lucky one and watch it open. If it contains a stunning pearl, you’ll win the amount shown – what could be easier than that?

    With three oysters to choose from, the odds of taking home a win are always attractive! You can stake as little as £/€0,50 with each game or go as high as £/€ 20 – the choice is yours! Hit the jackpot pearl with is 10,000X multiplier and you could win as much as £/€ 200,000 – all from a single super-sized pearl!

    Club Pearl is a totally relaxed and tranquil gaming experience set deep down at the bottom of the big blue – you just never know what treasures you might discover!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Crazy Ball
    Crazy Ball

    Looking for all the fun of bowling without the annoying, uncomfortable shoes? You’ll find it in Crazy Ball, one of the most enjoyable scratch game experiences on the web right now and brought to you by Neogames. 

    With each game you’ll find yourself trying to beat the score of the bowling champ – a win will net you an amazing cash prize! But here’s the good news – you get a full THREE throws to try and beat him, so all you have to do is place your bet and throw!

    You can wager anything from £/€ 0.50 to £/€ 20 on each thrown and prizes are always rewarding! Beat the champ to hit the jackpot and you could win anything up to £/€ 200,000 – not the kind of prize you’d take home from the average bowling alley!

    Pick up the Crazy Ball and go for the strike – it might just be the roll of your life!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat

    With Crazy Cat, you’ll have never been so happy to see an alley-cat poking its head out of a dustbin!

    Here’s a fresh and fun take on the usual scratch gaming experience that’s as enjoyable as it can be rewarding! Simply place your bet, hit the button and count the cats as they pop out of the garbage cans! It all sounds a bit silly, but see three cats in front of you and you’ll be taking home a cash prize!

    How much? Well, you can bet anything from £/€ 0.50 to £/€ 20 on each card, with jackpots going as high as £/€ 200,000 for the coolest cats of all!

    Crazy Cat is pure purrfection in scratch gaming – this is one alley you’ll be glad you headed down!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Dancing Domino
    Dancing Domino

    How to make a classic game of dominos even better? Easy really – throw a jackpot of £/€ 200,000 into the mix!

    That’s what the folks behind Dancing Domino did – a brilliant online gaming experience that adds more than a little excitement to the world’s favourite table game. It really couldn’t be easier, simply flip over your dominos and see if you can match either of your numbers with those of the dealer. When you do, you’ll take home a cash prize of anything from 1X to 10,000X the amount you wagered!

    There are eight chances to win with every game, you can bet as little as £/€ 0.25 on each domino and have every chance of walking away a full £/€ 200,000 richer!

    Ever played such a simple game for these kinds of cash prizes before?

    Dancing Domino – who’d have thought a quick game of dominos could ever be so exciting?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Darts

    Aim for treble-twenty and see if you can beat the score of the champ – Darts is a unique variation of the online scratch games the world has fallen in love with!

    Bringing all the fun of traditional pub darts home without the risk of skewering an innocent bystander, here’s your opportunity to strike it big like a real professional! It’s simple really, just hit the button to see how lucky your darts are and whether you’ve scored enough to beat your opponent.

    If your score’s the highest, you’ll win a prize of anything from 1X to 10,000X the amount you bet on the throw. You can bet anything from £/€ 0.5 to £/€ 20 on each thrown, meaning there’s a top prize on offer of a massive £/€200,000 – way more than you’d ever win on the average pub quiz!

    With Darts, you might be just a single throw away from a life-changing win!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Esmeralda

    There’s just never been a simpler online gaming experience that promises prizes as high as £/€ 200,000 – welcome to the wonderful world of Esmeralda!

    With up to eight chances to win with each game, it’s a thrilling broomstick ride to say the least! All you have to do is match the witch’s top and bottom using the cards on the screen – it’s a bit like a classic game of dominos but with much more rewarding prizes!

    Playing really couldn’t be easier – simply choose how much you’d like to wager, pick the number of cards you’d like to play with and hit the button! Match the witch’s halves correctly and you’ll win a cash prize of anything from 1X the amount you bet to a full 10,000 the wagered amount – seriously life-changing sums of money!

    Esmeralda is guaranteed to cast a spell on you and have you coming back for more!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25 
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000 

  • Euroball

    For the chance to score big with amazing prizes in an instant, look no further than Euroball!

    Originally designed to celebrate Euro 2012 and still going strong today, players are invited to step on the hallowed turf of a gigantic stadium and scratch their way to the cup!
    Don’t worry about strapping on a pair of boots though – all you need to do is match three identical flags to walk away with a cash prize.

    There are three chances to win with every game which means three-times the thrills – you might just find yourself cheering for a country you wouldn’t normally support!

    How much can you win? Well, go all the way to the top and you might find yourself with a cool £/€ 200,000 in your pocket – not bad for a day’s work!
    Euroball gives gamers the chance to live the celebrity soccer star lifestyle with world-class top prizes.

    Minimum bet:  £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Fantasy Forest
    Fantasy Forest

    Entrust you fate to the magical fairies before you with Fantasy Forest – and extraordinary scratch game with a mind-blowing jackpot of £/€ 200,000!

    Make a wish, cross your fingers and see if today’s the day your life changes forever! Set in a beautiful woodland where fantasy comes to life like never before, gamers are treated to no less than five chances to win with every game.

    Simply place your bets on as many of the fairies as you feel lucky with and wait for them to reveal their mystical crystal balls. If they reveal three of the same colour, you’ll win a cash prize of anything from 1X right up to 10,000X the amount you bet!

    You might literally be as little as one click away from the kind of prize that’s pure fantasy to most.

    Anything can happen in the Fantasy Forest – take a trip and see for yourself!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Fast Hands
    Fast Hands

    It’s the game everyone in the world knows and loves – try your luck with Fast Hands and you could well pocket a small fortune!

    We’ve all played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ before, but have you ever played it for a jackpot of £/€ 200,000? It sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s exactly what’s on the cards with Fast Hands!

    Simply place your bets, hit the button and see whether your hand beats those of your opponents. Rock crushes scissors, paper beats rock, scissors cut paper – you know the way it works! Play up to six games at a time and take home prizes from 1X to 10,000X the amount wagered – there are no such things as small wins here!

    You’ll never look at this classic hand game again after trying your luck with Fast Hands – it’s a real winner!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Flowers of Spring
    Flowers of Spring

    Play for big cash wins or pure fun – Flowers of Spring is a brilliant online gaming experience from the best in the business!
    Take a delivery of a fresh bouquet from the goofy gopher on the screen and try your luck! It’s as simple as matching any three flowers to win a generous cash prize – hit the €/£200,000 jackpot and you’re guaranteed to come out smelling of roses!

    You could win anything from 1X your staked amount to a full 10,000X the sum you put on the line! Bets start from as little as £/€ 0.10 and go as high as £/€20 , so you’re in full control with every game!

    Flowers of spring is a bright, colourful and gorgeously charming twist on the classic you’ve come to know and love!

    And really, who doesn’t like receiving beautiful flowers?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Forces of Terra
    Forces of Terra

    A scratch game with a difference – and a pretty big one at that – Forces of Terra takes you deep into a historic Celtic castle and promises treasures of the highest order!

    With gorgeous graphics and the simplest gameplay, you might be no more than a click away from a life-changing sum of money. Just place your bets, wait for the mystical symbols to reveal what’s beneath and see how many match up.

    For five identical symbols you stand to win a full 10X the amount you staked – huge cash prizes are up for grabs with every game!  And with an astounding £/€ 200,000 jackpot just waiting to be won, you could walk away with a king’s ransom in cash!

    Summon the Forces of Terra and see which lucky symbols come your way – it might just be your lucky day!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win:  £/€ 200,000

  • Genie

    Rub the lamp to free the Genie and cross your fingers for a life-changing sum of money!

    Players are transported to a marvellously mystical world, where fantasy becomes reality and treasures are always reached. Simply free the three genies from their lamps and see which produce three matching stones. A trio of matching symbols and you’ll take home the prize as stated below the genie – simple it may be but the cash on offer is anything but!

    Multipliers can be hit for anything from 1X the staked amount to 10,000X – the jackpot stands at no less than £/€ 200,000!

    With Genie, you won’t have to travel to a fantasy Eastern world to uncover the kinds of riches you always dreamed of – they’re right there in front of you!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Go777

    You always thought seven might be your lucky number – now’s your chance to find out for real!

    GO 777 is an online scratch game that’s modelled on the simple slot machines the world knows and loves. None of those complicated features and no distracting themes – it’s just you, a big bright machine and the chance of hitting three lucky sevens!

    Simply scratch away the three reels and cross those fingers for a lucky result! Hit the sevens and you’ll win the prize above, which could be anything from 1X your bet to a full 10,000X! You can play three machines all at the same time and prizes go as high as a pretty amazing £/€ 200,000 jackpot!

    The best of a classic slot and a scratch game all in one – GO 777 delivers more thrills than the average!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Goal Kick
    Goal Kick

    Ever wished you could kick your way to glory in front of a packed crowd? Well now you can, thanks to Goal Kick and its completely astonishing £/€ 200,000 top prize!

    You take the role of a striker, ready to fire home a penalty kick and take your team to the top! Score higher than your opponent and you’ll win the prize specified – anything from 1X to 10,000X the amount you put on the line!
    Will you bend it like Beckham or taste bitter defeat? You’ll find out with a simple push of a button – no need to lace up your boots or even leave home!

    It’s really never been easier to enjoy all the thrills, spills and huge prizes that come with a pro penalty shootout – Goal Kick is every football fan’s fantasy come true!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Golden Fortune
    Golden Fortune

    If you thought scratching away the usual three boxes was fun, just wait until you get a load of Golden Fortune!

    Living up to its name, players are offered the chance to win an astonishing £/€ 200,000 simply by matching their own numbers to those at the top. Here’s a scratch game that goes far beyond the usual three boxes – there’s a full 27 numbers to uncover across three separate games you can play all at the same time! And with a full five numbers at the top to match your own with, chances are you’ll never be too far away from a glorious cash prize!

    Play one game, two or all three at once – it’s all up to you! Bets start from just £/€ 0.25 per card and go right up to £/€ 20, so you control what goes on with every game!
    Golden Fortune is so much more than your average scratch game – try your luck 27 times, every time!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Gone Fishin’
    Gone Fishin’

    When was the last time you landed a fish that earned you a mighty £/€ 200,000 in cash? Chances are it’s never, which is why you’ve all the reason in the world to give Gone Fishin’ a go!

    Cast your line into the water, wait for a bite and see whether there’s a whopper waiting for you! Choose the fisherman you feel the luckiest with and if he pulls a golden fish out of the briny blue, you’ll take home the prize specified.

    Prizes vary from 1X the amount you bet to a huge 10,000X multiplier – these fish just keep on paying off! And with three guys out to catch you a bite, you can try your luck with up to three plays at any one time – triple your chance of taking home a wallet-busting prize!

    Gone Fishin’ is the most fun you can have without a rod and a boat – hook, line and sinker!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Heaven or Hell?
    Heaven or Hell?

    Follow the angels or listen to the little devil on your shoulder – either way you could walk away with some serious wins! Heaven or Hell is an absolute classic, taking gamers on a creepy ride where big cash prizes are always on the cards!

    Will you strike it lucky with a string of unicorns, or are you praying to see that glorious grim reaper? It won’t really matter to you, as all you’ll care about is the promise of a big cash payout if you play your cards right! With five reels and nine paylines, the odds are never stacked against you and there’s eery chance of pocketing a packet!

    Whether it comes from the dark side or not is all relative – with Heaven or Hell you come out the winner no matter which side you choose!

    Minimum bet:  £/ € 0,10
    Biggest win: 
    £/ € 200,000

  • Hi Lo Fever
    Hi Lo Fever

    Remember those great TV games-shows where huge cash prizes could be won simply by predicting a higher or lower number? Well, now’s your chance to step into the shoes of the contestant and try your luck – Hi Lo Fever brings exactly that into your living room!

    It really couldn’t be easier, simply take a look at the number on the screen and decide whether you think the new number drawn will be higher or lower. You can play three games at the same time triple your chances of a win, or perhaps play with a friend for even more fun!

    Hit a 2? Take your chances by predicting a lower number will come next, or play it safe with a high prediction. The bigger the risk, the more you stand to win – it’s all up to you!

    You won’t get a bigger thrill than Hi Lo Fever without starring on TV – get yourself a dose today!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • HiLo54

    Will the next number drawn be higher or lower? That’s really all there is to playing HiLo54, which despite a wonderfully easy format could still pay you a cash prize of up to £/€ 200,000! All from a single number!

    It’s a great take on a classic game and brings a whole new dynamic to online scratch experiences. All you need to do is take a look at the number on the screen, decide if you think the next number will be higher or lower and cross your fingers for a lucky result!

    Wins are determined by the stakes put on the line, though it’s possible to play for real money prizes for as little as £/€ 0.50 per spin. You’ll need to wager a little more than this to take home the £/€ 200,000 jackpot of course, but no matter what kinds of bets you put on the line, you’re guaranteed a thrilling ride with HiLo54!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Knights Battle
    Knights Battle

    In Knights Battle, or the excitement of medieval combat is compressed into the simplest online gaming experience imaginable! Simply flip the cards, see if yours is higher than the dealer’s and take home the specified prize if you’re a winner!

    The theme is one of ancient castles and brutal battles – your job is to make sure you’re on the winning side! You can choose anything from one pair to a full six pairs of cards to play with each time – the more pairs you choose, the higher your chances of a win! Once you hit the button, the cards will be flipped and the wins declared.

    You can stake anything from £/€ 0.25 to £/€ 20 on every pair of cards, with prize multipliers reaching as high as 10,000. As such, come out victorious at the highest possible level and a king’s ransom of £/€ 200,000 could very well be yours!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms

    Lucky Charms is our Irish inspired Instant play Scratchcard and is packed with lots of fun and amazing features. 

    If you find a leprechaun or gather wishbones, gold stars, or horseshoes you'll get a prize. 

    You can play as many as eight lines and if you're lucky enough to get the Wild symbol you can be in with a chance of winning the top prize of €/£200,000.

    • Instant Play
    • €/£200,00 Jackpot

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Lucky Diamonds
    Lucky Diamonds

    Shiny diamonds… shiny diamonds far and wide!

    You can win up to 10,000 times your initial bet amount by playing Lucky Diamonds, and all you need to do is place bets starting from as little as £/€ 0.50! A few victories and buying real diamonds won’t seem as such a far-fetched idea!

    Getting used to the game’s rules will take you just a second: all you need to do is select the amount you’re willing to bet, open the five diamond boxes, and you take the predetermined prize home if three of them are identical.  Do you have fancy your chances of matching a trio for the opportunity of earning tens of thousands?

    This scratch game is straightforward and fun as it gets! Remember – the higher you bet, the richer you get!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Lucky Eggs
    Lucky Eggs

    Just like the Golden Goose brought incredible wealth to its owner, you can earn thousands with Lucky Eggs in just a couple of simple steps!

    Spot the golden egg which is shown on the screen, and click on it to discover the potential prize it carries. Once you do that, turn your attention to the three bunnies. Do a bit of ‘eenie meenie miney moe’ to guess which one has the bag which carries eggs and click on the bunny to scratch and reveal the contents of the bag. If your choice is correct, you stand to make up to 10,000 times your bet amount and the prize is yours!

    Always keep in mind that the more money you bet, the more you stand to win!

    Think you can pull the right rabbit out of the hat?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Lucky Machines
    Lucky Machines
    Win big with the Lucky Machines casino game with bets starting from £/€ 0.10 and up to 30,000 times your initial bet!
    By clicking on the machine, you highlight it and can then choose how many machines you want to go for. Click on spin and if three matching icons show up; you then get the full winnings which appear on the machine. Three bonus icons appearing on the reels means that you win and advance to the ‘Bonus Round’ – this round involves increasing multipliers, potentially multiplying your profit considerably!
    Lucky Machines isn’t just your usual slot game – think ‘better’ and add 3 cherries on top!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£300,000


  • Master Mix
    Master Mix

    MasterMix is the ultimate scratch card game in which you need to face an old wise master and win in order to take home thousands!

    Are you up to the challenge?

    All you need to do is choose the amount of lines that you’d like to play and the amount of money that you want to bet, for a chance to win up to 10,000 times your initial bet! In order to get a ‘Bullseye’ and win, the balls need to match the dealer’s ball’s color, number, and location. If your balls don’t match the dealer’s ball, you get a ‘Hit’ and a black point on the scoreboard.

    You need to beat the best to be the best - do you think you have what it takes? 

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Memory Madness
    Memory Madness

    How good is your memory? Test yourself with the gripping Memory Madness scratch game! There’s also a little incentive known as a maximum prize of £/€ 200,000!

    All you need to do is choose the amount you want to bet, and the number of card pairs that you’d like to play with by selecting the ‘6’, ‘9’, or ‘12’ buttons on the ‘Pairs’ field. Click on two cards to reveal their content – if the characters and prize amounts are the same, you win!

    You can bet as little as £/€ 0,30 and make up to 10,000 times your initial bet amount – keep in mind that you stand higher chances of winning with higher bet amounts!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,30
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Mister Joker
    Mister Joker

    Mister Joker is a fun scratchie that’s as straightforward as it gets! Fun game-play, elegant graphics and a friendly atmosphere truly make this game a favourite!

    In order to play, you just need to click on the ‘Play’ button to deal the three cards, and then click on the ‘Prize’ area to reveal the potential prize you could win! Choose any one of the three cards that are on the table to turn it over – if the card is a Joker, you win the predetermined prize!

    You can place bets from as little as £/€ 0.50 and win prizes up to £/€ 200,000 – always remember that the more money you bet, the more you can enjoy higher the potential payout!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50 
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000 

  • Moolah Monsters
    Moolah Monsters

    Your childhood monsters have made their way to the Moolah Monsters game, and they look friendlier than you might remember!

    This fun instant game gives you four playing areas from which you can select just one or all four to play! The paytable on the left side of the screen shows you what patterns you need to acquire in order to win – if you get any such patterns in the playing area(s), the winning pattern will be highlighted in the paytable to indicate how much you have won!

    With bets as little as £/€ 0.25 and profits as much as 10,000 times your bet amount, you’ve found the perfect place to make money whilst having fun!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£100,000

  • Neighbours

    Have you met your new whacky neighbours?

    They’re a bit strange at first, but hang around them for a short while and you’ll realize that the more you see them, the more money you make! It’s not too bad, after all!

    The building contains 9 windows and the goal of this game is to reveal all the characters and match 3 faces in order to win your prize! Each character gives you a different multiplier, with the Grandpa being the highest and the girl in a pink dress being the lowest – alternatively, the baby symbol is a wild card and always results in a win!

    You can start placing minimum bets as little as £/€ 0.50 and win prizes of up to £/€ 200,000!

    Get scratching!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Road Racing
    Road Racing

    Players, start your engines – a whole lot of rubber is about to be burned! Be prepared to get on the ride of your life! You’re sure to have never experienced a buzz like this before, especially not one with a potential £/€ 200,000 grand prize!

    Road Racing is a highly breathtaking scratch card game in which you are presented with four sets of covered cards – each containing two covered cards.

    After having picked how many pairs you’d like to play with, choose the amount that you wish to bet – keeping in mind that your potential winnings are higher when you bet higher amounts! Click on “Prize” at the bottom of the boxes to reveal the amount that you stand to win, and then click on each one of the covered cards.

    Are the revealed cars identical? Then you’re a winner!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Roll the Dice
    Roll the Dice

    Roll The Dice is an extremely entertaining and interactive game which boasts an attractive futuristic layout, while maintaining a colorful and fun gaming atmosphere!

    The rules of the game are simple and straightforward:

    • Choose the amount that you wish to bet (remember that the prize amount goes up along with your bet amount!)
    • Select the number of columns that you’d like to play
    • Click on the ‘Play’ button
    • Three dice will appear in each column that you have selected. If the dice in each column are identical, you win the prize shown in the paytable on the left of the screen!

    There are different prize tiers that you can win, with a grand prize of £/€ 200,000 up for grabs!

    Who’s to say it doesn’t have your name on it?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,05
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Royal Dice
    Royal Dice

    Royal Dice is a really entertaining game with amusing graphics which is sure to make your gaming experience as stimulating and enjoyable as possible – with a £/€ 200,000 prize at the end of that tunnel!

    Select the number of slot machines that you’d like to play with by clicking on them, and then choose the amount of money that you would like to bet. When you click on ‘Spin’, the reels will spin and reveal three icons – if all three are the same, you win the prize that is shown on top of the machine!

    You can also opt to play in fun mode in order to get the feel of the game before switching to real money mode!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Royal Slots
    Royal Slots

    Royal Slots is a classic video slot machine which allows you to play up to three games at once, adding another dimension to the already existing excitement that is offered in this game!

    Combining slick graphics with a user-friendly interface, this is sure to be a favourite for all gamers!
    The rules are simple:

    • Select the number of games that you’d like to play
    • Choose the amount of money that you wish to bet, keeping in mind that higher stakes equals higher wins – a top prize of £/€ 200,000 is up for grabs!
    • Click on the ‘Spin’ button – once the reels stop spinning, the prize area will be revealed
    • If you’ve acquired three matching symbols, you win the prize shown!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Shoot n' Score
    Shoot n' Score

    Taking you back to the game in the arcades that we all loved as kids, Shoot N Score lets you put your ball shooting skills to the test! Set on a realistic arcade-center backdrop, this sure to take you back a few years – all with the same level excitement!

    Follow the steps below to play the game:

    • Select the amount of shots that you’d like to take, with the minimum being one and maximum being five
    • Choose the sum of money that you wish to bet – always bear in mind that higher bets mean higher earnings!
    • Click on ‘Play’ to begin – you can click on ‘Shoot All’ if you want all of the shots to be taken automatically – alternatively, you can take each shot one at a time

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Snakes & Ladders
    Snakes & Ladders

    Snakes & Ladders is highly entertaining and incorporates ease of play, eye-catching graphics, and excitement all in one great platform – this game will inevitably have a gripping effect on you!

    The rules of play are extremely simple to learn and are as straightforward as it gets! To start the game, you must:

    • Place your bets in the ‘Bet’ field by changing the amount with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. Note that the winning stakes increase along with your bet size!
    • Select how many characters you’d like to play with. You can choose to play with one character or even all three – with each character having three moves to get to the final square, which will guarantee you a payout!
    • Click on the ‘Roll’ button to roll the dice – your character will move according to the result of the dice roll

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Splash Cash
    Splash Cash

    Splash Cash is one of the most entertaining games you’ll ever play, bringing you back to one of the world’s favourite TV shows!

    You will be presented with three characters of which you need to pick one – the character will then need to jump through a shaped wall; if they succeed, you win the potential prize!

    The fun cartoony graphics and ease of play make this one of the most enjoyable online instant games that you have ever played – the excitement can really be nail biting at times but be sure to hang in there and you’ll be sure to enjoy this game to the fullest!

    With minimum bets of £/€ 0.50 and a potential grand prize of £/€ 200,000, expect to have loads of fun while making some big wins!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Super Bugs
    Super Bugs

    Ready, set, go! The bugs are ready to race. Pick a winner and you could take home €/£200,000!

    Super Bugs packs some real excitement into every scratch card: Just 25p gets you started on the Super Bugs racing game!.

    Three bug entrants get ready to race on each of the online scratch cards. Make a bet on one, two or all three bugs If one makes it to the finish you win the appropriate prize for the bug!

    • Win up to €/£200,000

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Super Chance
    Super Chance

    Take a chance and win some cash, take a chance on Super Chance.

    Scratch the three fields to reveal three cash amounts, then spin the wheel and hope for it to stop on a matching amount! If there is a match you win the cash!

    • 3 Chances to win  prizes
    • Win up to €/£200,000

    Minimum bet:  €/£0,20
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Super Hippodrome
    Super Hippodrome

    Super Hippodrome brings the excitement of the horse tracks straight to your screens! This highly thrilling scratchie will undoubtedly give you the same thrill as you can expect from a real race track, with a grand prize sure to make you want to start galloping around the neighbourhood!

    The rules of the game are simple. You just need to follow the steps below:

    • Select the amount that you want to bet, by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
    • Choose the number of cards that you want to play with, with a minimum of one card and a maximum of eight cards – each one will contain the final ranking of the race
    • Once the race finishes, any correct ranking will be highlighted and you will win the predetermined prize!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • The Fairy Tale
    The Fairy Tale

    The Fairy Tale is a highly entertaining game set on a fantastic colorful backdrop which, along with its user-friendly gameplay and brilliant animations, provides a perfect platform on which to maximize your gaming experience!

    The rules of the game are very straightforward. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

    • Choose the amount of money that you wish to bet, by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
    • Click on ‘Play’, and then on ‘Prize’ to reveal the potential sum that you can win
    • Open all of the windows – if three of them contain identical characters, then you win the prize that you had revealed a few seconds earlier!

    You have the opportunity to win a grand prize of up to £/€ 200,000 with bets as little as £/€ 0.50 and no, this part is not a fantasy!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • The Lost Maya
    The Lost Maya

    Get ready for a thrilling game with jaw-dropping graphics and a potential payout of up to £/€ 200,000! Transporting you straight to this great civilization that once proudly stood tall, every single aspect of The Lost Maya is sure to leave you wanting more after just the first round!

    The graphics, animations, sounds, gameplay, and overall atmosphere emanating from the cave in which you find yourself, will undoubtedly give you the sensation of truly being there!

    You will be presented with three doors, one of which contains a sacred golden symbol. Click on the door of your choice and if your choice is correct, you win the prize that is displayed in the statue in the centre of the room!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • The Wild West
    The Wild West

    Your town needs you! There’s a bandit on the loose and you’re in charge of finding him before it becomes too late and he causes more trouble. A reward of up to £/€ 200,000 could be all yours if you manage to catch the Wanted enemy! Just like any hero, you need to let your gun do the talking!

    The Wild West battles are famously known for being some of the most thrilling and this game is no different! Great graphics, fun game play, and awesome animations will make you feel just like Clint Eastwood, or maybe even just a little bit cooler.

    The ‘Wanted’ sign on the right hand side of the screen shows you the outlaw that you need to catch! Shooting the three windows will reveal the men hiding behind them – if the guy you’re looking for is there; you win the prize in the sign shown under him!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Tiger Mahjong
    Tiger Mahjong

    Bringing an all-time classic to your screens, get ready for a wonderfully revamped version of the game that every true gamer adores!

    Tiger Mahjong is a highly exciting scratchie in which you can earn high amounts of up to £/€ 200,000! With its breathtaking colorful graphics, simple game play and brilliant animations, prepare to find yourself wanting to play more after every single round!

    Following the rules is as easy as riding a bike:

    • Pick the number of lines that you wish to play. The maximum is three lines and the minimum is one.
    • Choose the sum of money that you are prepared to bet – always remembering that prospective profits are highest with higher bets!
    • Start the game. If the two cards that you select on one specific line contain the same symbol, you win the prize!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Treasure Island
    Treasure Island

    Treasure Island is a thrilling online scratch card game with a grand prize of up to £/€ 200,000, and a wonderfully designed realistic forest backdrop guaranteed to make you think you truly are on an island! The amazing graphics, brilliant animation and straightforward game play are sure to guarantee a second-to-none gaming experience!

    You’ve found yourself stranded on a desert island but thankfully, you’re kept busy with all of the valuables that are left around for you to discover. There is no one else on the island except you, so you’re not pressed for time, but you need to find three chests out of five that contain gold, in order to win the prize that is shown in the upper box!

    It’s all up to you now – best of luck!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • World Champions
    World Champions

    The world cup – the largest sporting event in the world, watched by millions around the world, is by far the most prestigious tournament that any footballer can win.

    Safe to say, the grand prize of up to £/€ 200,000 that you can win in World Champions holds the same amount of prestige as that football trophy does!

    Find your footballing heroes in this highly exciting online scratch card game and reveal three identical symbols in one line or even two identical symbols plus a cup, in order to have a chance at potentially winning the grand prize!

    The penalty is yours to take… you place the ball on the spot; you take a few steps back, you take a deep breath and run towards the ball. The rest is up to you. Do you have what it takes?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Zodiac

    Are you a Taurus who’s feeling bullish about your winning chances, or perhaps a Saggitarius who’s sure of hitting the winning target or a potential £/€ 200,000 jackpot?

    The 12 Zodiac signs are brought to you in this exhilarating online scratchie which boasts a design and gaming interface which are second to none! Set on a brilliantly designed wheel and star-signs background, this game is sure to make you want to spin away for as long as you can!

    The rules are as easy as pie. You just need to select the sum of money that you would like to bet, click on ‘Spin The Wheel’, and scratch all three stars on the right hand side of the screen. If the symbol that the wheel pin lands on matches any symbol that the stars have revealed, you win that predetermined prize.

    May the Stars be with you!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • 3 Card Solitaire
    3 Card Solitaire

    The classic solo card game experience brought to life for a new generation, 3 Card Solitaire promises non-stop thrill and perhaps even a prize or two!

    It’s the game you already know and love – simply get the full deck of 52 cards into the four foundations at the top and you’re golden! You’ll follow standard Vegas rules and be dealt a fully random deck, so you can rest assured no two games will ever be the same!

    You can wager as little as £/€ 0.02 per card up to a maximum of £/€ 20. This is multiplied by 52 and each winning card pays out 4X the wagered amount. So if you play your cards right and hit the jackpot, you could walk away with a top price of £/€ 4,16 0!

    3 Card Solitaire brings to life the game you know and love – you’ll be so glad you gave it a try!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,02
    Biggest win: €/£4,160

Also available on mobile and tablet
Only available on mobile and tablet
Not available in UK