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Top 4 casino destinations in the World - Viking Slots

Thinking about travelling to world-famous casinos? You might wanna check our top 4 casino destinations in the World.

Ever growing number of casino enthusiasts are taking part of a game of chance by travelling to world-famous casino locations. Check our Top 4 Casino Destinations!
top 4 casino destinations

To travel have become one of modern society’s favorite pastime activities. Some travel in order to experience new and exciting cultures see new things or meet new people. Some travel for a different purpose all together to experience the thrill of the ever-changing casino games scene. A genuine casino experience should include classic features like red velvet carpets, grand gambling tables and professional casino staff.

Undoubtedly the online casino industry is stealing some of the previous shine from land-based brick-and-mortar casinos but casino-trips still make up for a large chunk of the travel industry. Eager gamblers and gamers traverse the globe in a quest for that special feeling that only present itself on the casino floor.

We live to travel, and we travel to gamble.

Best casino travel destinations

If you scratch the surface a little bit you will find similarities between travelling and gambling. To travel is to bet on the unknown to discover new possibilities and spend time and money on something brand new. Every trip is like a game of chance, whether you like it or not. Quite often, if not always the result of your trip will not correlate with your initial ideas and you will have a different experience from what you were expecting. You may plan ahead and prepare yourself, but the world is not black or red, odd or even, high or low, it is all of the above and everything in between. Things don’t always turn out the way you expect. Visit a casino and you might get the same feeling. You may plan ahead, you may have a clear strategy, but Lady-Luck is an unpredictable mistress, yielding unpredictable results.

So why do people travel to gamble? Gambling offers excitement. It creates a rush of adrenaline and a chance to win big. People visit casinos to experience something new and exciting. The casino offers an escape from reality, a cocktail wrapped in velvet and spiked with the element of chance. Below is a list of some of the most popular casino travel destinations.

If you’re looking for an exciting experience on your next vacation and you have a tendency towards gaming perhaps one of these destinations will fit you.

1. Baden-Baden

In south Germany right on the border to France lie Baden-Baden. Tourists have come to Baden-Baden for decades most commonly to visit the city’s world-renowned spa-resort. Others are more interested in the Festspielhaus, one of Europe’s most popular opera houses. Others yet, come for the gambling. Baden-Baden is the site of one of the world’s oldest casinos.

baden baden

Famous characters such as Marlene Dietrich and Fyodor Dostoevsky have spent countless hours within the casino walls (the former describing the Baden-Baden casino in terms of the most beautiful casino in the world). Rumor has it; much of Dostoevskys book proceeds went straight into the pockets more successful casino visitors. Displaying an impressive sight, with golden statues and district baroque architecture the building itself inspired by Versailles. A strict dress code applies with tuxedo for men and evening gown for women. Given the fact that not everyone has a spare tuxedo lying around the casino offers dress code-appropriate clothing for hire.

If you are looking for a professional set-up, and an extraordinary casino experience, Baden-Baden is the destination for you




2. Macao

The Las Vegas of Asia is situated on a peninsula in the South China Sea. Stretching all across the peninsula, Macao also extends into the sea and onto two separate islands – Taipa and Coloane. Not unlike Las Vegas, Monte macaoCarlo and Malta, the entire economy of Macao revolves around the casino industry. Financial contributions from mainly American investors have seen the qaelopment of a first-class casino culture emerging in the region. Proceeds from the casino industry extend well over $45 billion annually, more than 7 times higher than Las Vegas.

The city provides a wide range of alternatives and some of the most famous casinos include: • Casino Filipino Pavilion – The oldest and most famous casino in Macao, with an 30+ year-history and first-class service. • Solaire – A twelve story, 5-star hotel and casino complex in the middle of the city. Inspired by Las Vegas the Solaire offers an American casino experience, including a staggering 1 700 different slot machines. • City of Dreams – With well over 350 tables throughout the casino and ideally situated in the middle of the city, the City of Dreams casino still ranks as a visitor’s favorite.

To gamble in Macao also offers a unique chance to try your luck in a wide range of games not available elsewhere, such as Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Pontoon or Sabong. And when you need a break from the casino floor you can hit the streets of the city. Macao offers a wide selection of restaurants, markets and bazaars, so even when Lady-Luck refuses to smile on you, there’s always an interesting alternative around the corner.

3. Las Vegas

“Viva Las Vegas!” Elvis Presley knew what he was talking about. Amongst the world’s most popular casino destinations, Sin City is arguably the most famous one. Las Vegas offers a sort of Love/Hate scenario for visitors. You either love it or you hate it. Much has happened since the mafia established the first casino on the Strip back in beginning of the post-WWII era.

las vegas

The Flamingo, established by mobsters Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel and financed through organized crime turned out to be such a good investment for the mafia, a number of new casinos were constructed. The casino business meant a steady flow of legitimate cash for the mafia and contributed to the rise of organized crime in the US. The mafia was eventually flushed out of Las Vegas and more legitimate entrepreneurs took over, turning the dusty desert city into a vacation destination for the entire family.

Visitors are welcomed with huge neon signs in an explosion of color. Skyscraper hotel complexes and five-star restaurants, amusement parks and themed cafés as well as a top-notch night life contribute to the overall Vegas experience. Popular amongst honeymooners and bachelors alike, it’s not for nothing that the term “What happens in Vegas”, was coined. Las Vegas sports some of the most spectacular casino complexes in the world.

From the legendary Las Vegas Strip you can see a pyramid rising towards the sky, a replica of the Eifel Tower and the world famous Bellagio water fountain.

– Bellagio

Housed in a massive 10 800 square meter complex, the Bellagio is one of the world’s most famous casinos. It generates much of its fame through the massive water fountain in front of the casino. At night an awesome display is put on when the fountain changes colors and move to synchronized music. As well as offering a wide range of games, the Bellagio also hosts the World Poker Tour.

– MGM Grand

The MGM Grand, also situated on the Strip, is the world’s second largest casino. The hotel has more than 5000 rooms spread out over 30 floors. In front of the casino visitors are welcomed by a huge lion.

Las Vegas is a spectacle, like no other. With concerts, musicals, sporting events and movie shoots, it truly is the city that never sleeps. The city is something of a logistical impossibility, situated in the middle of the vast Nevada desert. Even so, tens of thousands defy the elements to visit the city every year. For the serious casino enthusiast, Las Vegas is a must.

4. Atlantic City

casino travelAfter Las Vegas legalized gambling, Atlantic City followed. Since the 1970s casino pilgrims from all over the world have descended on the city. With close proximity to New York, Atlantic City offers an alternative to Las Vegas for those east-coasters not interested in the long journey. Caesars and Tropicana are the most famous of the twelve casinos available.

While Las Vegas tries hard to promote itself as a family friendly destination, Atlantic City seems to be a better alternative for families. The pace is slower but with a wide range of alternatives to fit most players. Travel destinations providing casino alternatives have attracted travellers for many years. The so called casino cities usually tend to provide more than just casinos. In order to rise above the competition, a casino destination must provide a wide range of experiences to attract a more diversified crowd.

It is not uncommon for casino cities to have a well-established entertainment culture extending beyond the casino doors. Opera houses, five-star restaurants and entertainment for the entire family are factors that are becoming more and more important. Online gaming and gambling is becoming more and more popular but it doesn’t seem to deter people from seeking out the old-school brick-and-mortar establishments. But why do people travel to casino destinations? There is not a single answer to the question. Everyone has his or her own reasons but one thing is clear.

Human beings love to travel. It creates memories for life. Visiting a casino can have similar effects. Gambling offers an adrenaline rush, a pastime well worth the investment, giving you the opportunity to see and experience new cultures.

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