Scratch cards

At Viking Slots we have everything you will ever need if you like to play scratch cards online. You will not only be able to play more than 50 different scratch card games and win the jackpot of €/£1,000,000, but you will also receive a first deposit bonus of up to €/£200 . And the best part is – Every third scratch card at Viking Slots is a winner!

We match your first deposit 100% by giving you up to €/£200 extra to play for on our entertaining scratch cards. On top of that you receive up to 100 extra spins and endless offers of further bonuses.


All scratch cards at Viking Slots

  • Hit the Bank
    Hit the Bank
    With Scratch Card gaming on the rise, Hit the Bank is the one to watch out for. This gridline of goodies features prizes galore, buried under great graphics and crisp sound effects. The action is fast and has a very different feel from the more traditional slot games that are perhaps getting a little repetitive for some of us.
    Ticket prices start at a very conservative £/€0.25, but don’t be fooled. Payouts can be as much as £/€7500 in a single round. This massive payout range makes Hit the Bank a go-to long lasting entertainment bonanza full of fun and surprises. Access the Bank Race Bonus round and climb columns as you match up symbols on a three by six grid. Rise to the roof and activate the multipliers that range from 100X, 200X, 400X, to a very attractive 1000X the ticket price.
    Hit The Bank is a simple yet very well-polished game that takes the scratch-card video game sensation to a whole new level.
  • Hockey Legends X10
    Hockey Legends X10

    Get fast and furious with the most exciting game to skate your way – the amazing Hockey Legends x10.  Just strike off those hockey pucks to reveal the prizes underneath –and get a chance to light the lamp and score up to £/€200,000. Uncover three matching amounts as you play to net your win. If you hit the multiplier, your winnings will increase by the amount shown.

    Available on mobile and tablet, you can play this exhilarating scratch card wherever you are, and with a ticket cost as low as £/€0.50 you can tackle it as many times as you want. When you want to raise the stakes and shoot for the bigger win, you can up the wager to £/€10 – and who knows, you might just score that major goal! And for those extra-special, highest VIP levels, a bet value of £/€20 can be placed. If you’re looking for a game full of thrills and spills – you’ve found it!

    Minimum bet:  £/€ 0.50
    Maximum win: £/€ 200 000

  • Secrets of El Dorado
    Secrets of El Dorado

    Mysterious and alluring, the Secrets of El Dorado game is not to be missed. Explore the mystery with as little as £/€ 0.50 per bet and win up to a maximum prize value of the ticket price x £/€20,000. 

    Delving into the hidden depths of the lost temple has never been so rewarding. If  you seek out the Sun Idol as you play, watch it collects prizes from areas marked by the Moon Idol, which can be found in 2-9 areas. Sit in awe as you’re awarded the prize whenever the Sun Idol is also discovered there, giving you huge winnings all in one go. If it’s intrigue and multi-wins you’re looking for, then this is the game to play.

    The ancient treasures of El Dorado are there for the taking, and you never know…you might just get lucky and find the Emerald Star to secure an instant win in the scratch game!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0.50
    Maximum win: £/€ 300,000

  • Starlight Dazzle
    Starlight Dazzle

    Brighten up your life with a bold and beautiful scratch experience that boasts a stunningly stellar £/€ 100,000 jackpot. Try your luck with Starlight Dazzle and win up to 12 times with each play – all you have to do is hit three matching symbols to win the prize specified. It could be £/€ 20, £/€ 100, or even that dazzling life-changing jackpot – all just a few scratches away!

    You can bet from as little as £/€ 1.20 per game or wager up to £/€ 120 – higher stakes mean higher potential wins. Discover the Dazzling Wild symbol and you could be on your way to something special; when the play area is lit up by sparks, big wins can happen across several lines simultaneously.
    No two games are ever the same, so you’re guaranteed a uniquely exciting ride. Check out Starlight Dazzle and bring a little glitz and glamour into your world.

    Minimum bet:  £/€ 1.20
    Maximum win: £/€ 300 000

  • Triple Money Match
    Triple Money Match

    Triple your pleasure, triple your fun – Triple Money Match serves up three times the action!In this brilliantly simple scratch game that’s hard not to fall in love with, players are challenged to match any three numbers in order to win the prize specified.

    Play one, two, or even three games at a time to maximize your chances of scoring a win! Play from as little as £/€0.01 per turn, or raise the stakes for a chance of scooping up that life-changing £/€200,000 mega-jackpot!

    It's another guaranteed hit from NeoGames that promises instant thrills and non-stop excitement from the word go!

    Genius in its simplicity, anyone looking for the quintessentially classic scratch experience that’s ready and waiting at the touch of a button will go wild for Triple Money Match.

    Minimum bet: £/€0.01
    Biggest win: £/€200.000

  • Wings of Cash
    Wings of Cash

    Soar to success with the stunning Wings of Cash scratch-game, and get the chance to win your ticket price x £/€10,000 in just a couple of seconds. Compatible with both mobile and tablet, play anywhere you go and enjoy the flying feeling as you double your winnings when you hit the multiplier.

    It only takes a  £/€0.25 bet to get started, and it can give you the chance of unveiling the Horizontal or Vertical Expander, where the symbol spreads out to include the entire row or column.

    Play this game and it will leave you on Cloud Nine without a doubt!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0.25
    Maximum win: £/€ 100,000

  • Sampo
    online scratch cards - Sampo

    Sampo is a magical artefact known to bring good luck to its holder. It offers you a double chance of winning and the scratch card consists of 2 games, meaning 2 chances of winning!  Play Sampo today and be in with double the chance of scooping the Jackpot.

    • €/£200,000 Jackpot
    • 2 games in 1

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Pirate´s Hoard
    online scratch cards - Pirate´s Hoard

    Here’s a mobile scratch game that’s more than worth walking the plank for – try your luck with Pirate’s Hoard, and that booty could be in your hands today!

    With cards up for grabs for as little as £/€ 0.25 and right up to the £/€ 20 premium card, you’re in control of your fortunes with this one. And with a guaranteed win rate of one in every three cards, the odds aren’t stacked too badly against you!

    Each card offers a full 10 chances of taking home a prize, not to mention a life-changing jackpot of £/€ 15,000 for that lucky treasure hunter! Exclusively available for mobile gamers, it’s a tale of gorgeously colorful visuals and enhanced play for touchscreen devices – take the fun with you wherever you go!

    Thrilling excitement comes standard – eye patches and peg-legs are purely optional!

  • VIP Black
    VIP Black

    VIP Black is the ultimate online scratch card game which is sure to bring you high levels of enjoyment and excitement, propelling you to a jackpot of up to €/£300,000! With slick graphics, an attractive background, and a thrilling game play experience, you can expect to feel that this definitely is one of the best games of its kind that you have ever played!

    There are three different ways to win every round:

    • Each one of your ten or twenty numbers displays a specific prize. Match any of those to the ‘Winning Numbers’ and win the relevant prize!
    • Reveal three numbers containing a Ruby symbol in order to advance to the ‘Rubin Bonus Game’, with a chance to win up to 800 times the Star Price!
    • Get three Diamond symbol numbers to acquire a ‘Diamonds Bonus Game’, where you can win up to 1100 times the Star Price!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£300,000

  • Cash Rumble X10
    Cash Rumble X10

    Fancy your chances of taking home up to £/€200.000 from a single click? That’s exactly what’s on offer with Cash Rumble X10 – the most exciting scratch experience to hit the web in some time! It couldn’t be easier, simply match any three numbers to win the allocated prize amount. But that’s not all, as the win you hit will be multiplied by anything up to 10X over!

    Prizes range from £/€1 right up to £/€20.000 which means that if luck’s on your side, you could pocket that amazing £/€200.000 jackpot! With Cash Rumble X10, you could be just a quick scratch or two away from a totally life-changing win!

    It’s simple, it’s attractive and it couldn’t be easier to play – try your luck today and see if that amazing jackpot has your name on it!

    Minimum bet: £/€1
    Biggest win: £/€200.000

  • Diamond Duet
    Scratch cards - Diamond Duet

    A genuine treasure of online scratch games, Diamond Duet is a sparkling gem  bursting with brilliant prizes! With tickets starting at just £/€5 and going up to just £/€10, you can try your hand at the spectacular £/€500.000 jackpot without laying a fortune on the line!

    Each game presents the player with no less than 25 chances to take home a prize! Just choose the value of the ticket you’d like, hit the button and away you go. Cross your fingers for a match with any of the top numbers and you’ll be awarded the prize allocated!

    You might walk away with £/€3, you might have your day brightened with a £/€100 win or your life might be changed forever with a massive £/€500.000 – all from the single click of a button!

    Shine bright with Diamond Duet today!

    Minimum bet: £/€5
    Biggest win: £/€500.000

  • Wild Win Doubler
    Scratch cards - Wild Win Doubler

    Double your winnings, double your fun – what more could you possibly ask from Wild Win Doubler?

    An amazing gaming experience to play on both desktop and mobile, Wild Win Doubler offers players the chance of winning up to £/€300.000 with a single click! Simplicity is the name of the game with this one, simply match any of your numbers to those at the top-right of the cards and boom…you have yourself a cash prize!

    What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to uncover the gold start you’ll win that amount instantly! With a full ten boxes to uncover with every game, that’s ten chances to win a prize every time!

    Best of all, there’s a $$ sign somewhere in there that represents the Wild Win Doubler – a symbol that doubles the prize you win! That £/€30.000 is just waiting to be won – maybe today could be your lucky day!

    Minimum bet: £/€0.50
    Biggest win: £/€300.000

  • 100m Champion
    100m Champion

    Race for the gold medal with 100m Champion, a fast-paced track and field scratch game with a top prize of £/€ 200,000!
    Playing is as simple as wagering your chosen amount on the runner of your choice, which can be as little as £/€ 0.10 up to a maximum of £/€ 20.

    You can bet on as many of the eight runners as you like – get it right with the whole team and you might just romp home with the gold and hit that life-changing jackpot!

    Fancy a trial run before putting any real money on the line? No problem, just give 110m Champion a spin in fun mode and see what’s in store without taking any risk at all!
    It’s a beautifully simple scratch game offering potentially huge payouts and real thrill-a-minute gameplay. So don’t hang around – strap on your running shoes and head for the start line!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • 3 Rocks
    online scratch cards - 3 Rocks

    With up to fifteen chances to win per game, 3 Rocks is a genuine gem of a scratch experience!

    As the name suggests, it’s as easy as uncovering any three matching rocks to win the prize specified. Each game brings players three chances to win and with up to five games playable with each click, that’s a full fifteen chances to take home a prize!
    What kind of prize? Well, play with a £/€0.30 ticket and you might walk away with anything from £/€1 to £/€3.000. However, try your luck with a £/€30 ticket and the jackpot explodes to a life-changing £/€300.000!

    £/€300.000 from a single scratch? It could only be by 3 Rocks – an instant-win gaming experience that’s guaranteed to rock your world!

    Minimum bet: £/€0.30
    Biggest win: £/€300.000

  • 7BOOM

    What’s your lucky number? Find out for sure with 7 BOOM – an exciting scratch game that offers players a brilliant two for one experience!

    With a total of 14 lines to uncover, there are so many chances to win fabulous prizes! You can play for as little as £/€ 0,10 per line, or if you’re feeling extra lucky you can wager as high as £/€ 20. Hit the play button and if the two numbers revealed add up to lucky 7, you’re in the money!
    As for how much, you’ll find out your multiplier in the prize box which could be anything from 1X the wagered amount up to a full 10,000X! Which means that if you put £/€ 20 on the line, you’ll walk away with an incredible £/€ 200,000 jackpot!

    7 BOOM brings explosive fun and the chances to win life-changing prizes right into your home!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • 7th Heaven
    7th Heaven

    Seven could prove to be your lucky number after all, if you play your cards right with 7th Heaven!

    Each game offers no less than seven chances to win a prize, with a glorious jackpot of £/€ 200,000 up for grabs! All you have to do is uncover three sevens in the gaming area, or keep your fingers crossed for the prize symbol to pop up. Strike it lucky and you’ll see the multiplier you’ve been awarded, which could mean anything from 1X to 10,000X the amount wagered!

    Each line costs as little as £/€ 0.25 to play and getting started really couldn’t be easier. And just to give you a taste of what’s in store, you can even play for free as many times as you like before switching to the real money mode.
    7th Heaven might well be the scratch game to take you to a better place…at least financially speaking!

    Minimum bet: €/£ 0,25
    Biggest win: €/£ 200,000

  • Casino Riches
    Casino Riches

    With Casino Riches you can triple your fun and triple your chances of a win at the same time!

    This unique scratch game lets players have a spin on the roulette table, their luck on a thrilling slot and roll the craps dice – all at the same time! Three times the fun of the average scratch game, there’s a maximum prize of £/€ 100,000 up for grabs and you can play for as little as £/€ 0.50 per game!

    You might win one of the games, strike it lucky on two or take home a prize from all three – scratching has really never been so exciting! It’s colourful, it’s super-easy to play and you just never know when Lady Luck might be in your corner!

    Casino Riches brings gamers the fast-paced thrill of the casino and promises some seriously impressive prizes.

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Champagne

    Get ready to crack open the Champagne! Scratch away 4 of the 9 squares and if you reveal 3 matching drink symbols you win the prize shown! Check the prize box for your prize amount.

    • Win up to €/£200,000

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Crazy Ball
    Crazy Ball

    Looking for all the fun of bowling without the annoying, uncomfortable shoes? You’ll find it in Crazy Ball, one of the most enjoyable scratch game experiences on the web right now and brought to you by Neogames. 

    With each game you’ll find yourself trying to beat the score of the bowling champ – a win will net you an amazing cash prize! But here’s the good news – you get a full THREE throws to try and beat him, so all you have to do is place your bet and throw!

    You can wager anything from £/€ 0.50 to £/€ 20 on each thrown and prizes are always rewarding! Beat the champ to hit the jackpot and you could win anything up to £/€ 200,000 – not the kind of prize you’d take home from the average bowling alley!

    Pick up the Crazy Ball and go for the strike – it might just be the roll of your life!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Elvis
    Scratch cards - Elvis Forever

    He’s the king of rock n’ roll – and he’s now gained the status of undisputed king of the online scratch world! If you’re looking to get all shook up by a totally unique thrill ride, Elvis Forever was created just for you!

    Featuring some of the best animations you’ll come across and the unforgettable album artwork of the man himself, Elvis Forever promises big fun and the chance to win amazing prizes. All you need to do is match any two album covers to win the prize specified – anything up to the life-changing jackpot of £/€200.000!

    And with that kind of money, you too could get a taste of the rock n’ roll lifestyle the king lived every single day!

    Minimum bet: £/€0.25
    Biggest win: £/€200.000

  • Esmeralda

    There’s just never been a simpler online gaming experience that promises prizes as high as £/€ 200,000 – welcome to the wonderful world of Esmeralda!

    With up to eight chances to win with each game, it’s a thrilling broomstick ride to say the least! All you have to do is match the witch’s top and bottom using the cards on the screen – it’s a bit like a classic game of dominos but with much more rewarding prizes!

    Playing really couldn’t be easier – simply choose how much you’d like to wager, pick the number of cards you’d like to play with and hit the button! Match the witch’s halves correctly and you’ll win a cash prize of anything from 1X the amount you bet to a full 10,000 the wagered amount – seriously life-changing sums of money!

    Esmeralda is guaranteed to cast a spell on you and have you coming back for more!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25 
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000 

  • Euroball

    For the chance to score big with amazing prizes in an instant, look no further than Euroball!

    Originally designed to celebrate Euro 2012 and still going strong today, players are invited to step on the hallowed turf of a gigantic stadium and scratch their way to the cup!
    Don’t worry about strapping on a pair of boots though – all you need to do is match three identical flags to walk away with a cash prize.

    There are three chances to win with every game which means three-times the thrills – you might just find yourself cheering for a country you wouldn’t normally support!

    How much can you win? Well, go all the way to the top and you might find yourself with a cool £/€ 200,000 in your pocket – not bad for a day’s work!
    Euroball gives gamers the chance to live the celebrity soccer star lifestyle with world-class top prizes.

    Minimum bet:  £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Forces of Terra
    Forces of Terra

    A scratch game with a difference – and a pretty big one at that – Forces of Terra takes you deep into a historic Celtic castle and promises treasures of the highest order!

    With gorgeous graphics and the simplest gameplay, you might be no more than a click away from a life-changing sum of money. Just place your bets, wait for the mystical symbols to reveal what’s beneath and see how many match up.

    For five identical symbols you stand to win a full 10X the amount you staked – huge cash prizes are up for grabs with every game!  And with an astounding £/€ 200,000 jackpot just waiting to be won, you could walk away with a king’s ransom in cash!

    Summon the Forces of Terra and see which lucky symbols come your way – it might just be your lucky day!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win:  £/€ 200,000

  • Glamour 7s
    Skraplotter - Glamour 7s

    Dreams of a jet-set lifestyle could be just a scratch or two away from coming true – Glamour 7s is here to inject a touch of sparkle into your life!

    An amazing scratch game from one of the biggest and best brands in the business, those glorious green gems could be all that stands between you and an amazing prize! Play it safe, up the stakes a little or go the whole hog for a chance at taking home that incredible £/€ 7,500 jackpot!
    Find a single Diamond or Amethyst 7 and win the prize shown. Strike it lucky with three and you’ll be whisked off to the high-energy bonus round!

    Awesome graphics, a brilliant soundtrack and up to 20 opportunities to win with every card! Even if you don’t come away a winner, you’ll still feel a million bucks with every play of Glamour 7s!

    Minimum bet:  £/€ 0.05
    Maximum win: £/€ 300 000


  • Go777

    You always thought seven might be your lucky number – now’s your chance to find out for real!

    GO 777 is an online scratch game that’s modelled on the simple slot machines the world knows and loves. None of those complicated features and no distracting themes – it’s just you, a big bright machine and the chance of hitting three lucky sevens!

    Simply scratch away the three reels and cross those fingers for a lucky result! Hit the sevens and you’ll win the prize above, which could be anything from 1X your bet to a full 10,000X! You can play three machines all at the same time and prizes go as high as a pretty amazing £/€ 200,000 jackpot!

    The best of a classic slot and a scratch game all in one – GO 777 delivers more thrills than the average!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday

    Ever wished it could be your birthday every day? Well now it can – simply give the Happy Birthday scratch game a slot and make today your special day over and over again!

    Everything’s here you could have every wished for, from the colourful clown to the cute little cupcake and a couple of glasses of bubbly just for good measure! All you have to do is match any three symbols to win the prize shown, or hit two symbols and a cash-clown to multiply your win even further!

    You could take home anything from 1X the amount you put on the line to a full 10,000X your bet. As such, play your cards right and your birthday present this very day could be a massive £/€ 200,000 – much more than you’d usually get stuffed into your cards! Wish yourself a Happy Birthday any day of the year!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Hi Lo Fever
    Hi Lo Fever

    Remember those great TV games-shows where huge cash prizes could be won simply by predicting a higher or lower number? Well, now’s your chance to step into the shoes of the contestant and try your luck – Hi Lo Fever brings exactly that into your living room!

    It really couldn’t be easier, simply take a look at the number on the screen and decide whether you think the new number drawn will be higher or lower. You can play three games at the same time triple your chances of a win, or perhaps play with a friend for even more fun!

    Hit a 2? Take your chances by predicting a lower number will come next, or play it safe with a high prediction. The bigger the risk, the more you stand to win – it’s all up to you!

    You won’t get a bigger thrill than Hi Lo Fever without starring on TV – get yourself a dose today!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • HiLo54

    Will the next number drawn be higher or lower? That’s really all there is to playing HiLo54, which despite a wonderfully easy format could still pay you a cash prize of up to £/€ 200,000! All from a single number!

    It’s a great take on a classic game and brings a whole new dynamic to online scratch experiences. All you need to do is take a look at the number on the screen, decide if you think the next number will be higher or lower and cross your fingers for a lucky result!

    Wins are determined by the stakes put on the line, though it’s possible to play for real money prizes for as little as £/€ 0.50 per spin. You’ll need to wager a little more than this to take home the £/€ 200,000 jackpot of course, but no matter what kinds of bets you put on the line, you’re guaranteed a thrilling ride with HiLo54!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Horoscope

    What better way to see if the planets really are aligned in your favour than with this – the amazing Horoscope scratch game!

    Dive into a world of mystery and uncover the hidden symbols. Match any three out of the five you’re given and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank! And with a full four games to play on each card, you can quadruple your chances of winning each and every time!

    How much you win will be determined by your wager and your luck – there’s a massive £/€ 200,000 on the cards for the luckiest players of all! What’s more, you can even choose your very own star sign to play with and therefore might just find out today whether or not your lucky stars are shining down on you! When did you last check your Horoscope and come away £/€ 200,000 richer?

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,10
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Jungle Joy
    Jungle Joy

    Take a trip to a tropical wonderland and see what treasures await you with Jungle Joy – a colourful new scratch game with big cash prizes up for grabs!

    It’s the classic scratch experience everyone knows and loves – simply uncover the hidden symbols, keep your fingers crossed for three of the same and win the prize specified! You choose the amount you pay for the card, which can be anything from 1X to a massive 10,000X the amount you bet. This means a possible top prize of £/€ 200,000 – a life-changing sum of money in anyone’s book!

    Jungle Joy is all about simplicity – there’s really no need for crazy extras or distractions when you’re playing for this kind of money. It’s amazing where a single click of a button might be able to take you – you’ll never know unless you give it a try!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Keep Smiling
    Keep Smiling

    Win or lose, here’s a scratch game that’s just impossible to frown at! Keep Smiling is all about happiness and positivity, featuring an array of happy chappies with gleaming grins and even bigger wins!

    It’s the classic experience of uncovering the symbols and hopefully hitting a matching pair. Strike it lucky and you could win anything up to £/€ 200,000 – the kind of cash that might just keep you smiling for the rest of your life!

    And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a full eight games to play on each card, which means up to eight-time the chance of taking home a prize. You can choose cards with values of anything from £/€ 0.25 to £/€ 20, keeping you in control of the action at all times. One thing’s for sure, a quick go on Keep Smiling and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Lollipop

    One of the sweetest of treats to come out of Neogames for some time, Lollipop is all about lining up a trio of delicious candies and pocketing a plentiful prize!

    Your role is simple – just choose how many lines you’d like to bet on, how much cash you’ll be putting on the line and then it’s a case of hitting the button. The hidden symbols will be revealed and so too will your shot at the top prize! If the three goodies match, you’ll take home the prize specified.

    Multipliers range from 1X to 10,000X while card prices are £/€ 0.25 up to £/€20. This means that go for the gold with a £/€ 10 card and the jackpot could go as high as £/€200,000 – it really doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

    Lollypop is a real joy to play – one go and you’re licked for life!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Love Birds
    Love Birds

    Get ready to free your inner-romantic with Love Bird – a cute and colourful new online scratch game that’s all about good old-fashioned gooiness!

    Playing could not be easier – all you need to do is scratch away the pictures to the left and see if any of the three match the couple in the centre of the card. Be it the older couple, the hippie ravers or any other – match a picture to the folks before you and you’re in for a cash prize!

    How much you’ll win depends on how much you gamble – pay £/€ 20 for the card and the 10,000X multiplier could see you walk away £/€ 200,000 richer! Let the power of love into your life with Love Birds – you’ll be helpless to its charms!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Lucky 21
    Lucky 21

    Everyone knows the game, but when did you last play Lucky 21 for a top prize of £/€ 200,000?

    These kinds of cash prizes are usually reserved for the high-rollers of Las Vegas – Lucky 21 brings you the chance to win a life-changing sum in an instant! You know the rules – simply beat the dealer by hitting 21 or get closer to the mark than they do. You can play for as little as £/€ 0.50 per hand and with up to three hands per game, you can triple your chance of taking home a prize!

    Play your cards right and you’ll be awarded a multiplier on the amount you bet, which could be anything from 1X to 10,000X! There’s nothing like the thrill of beating the dealer at their own game and walking away with a wad of wealth – will your numbers come up with Lucky 21?

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Meet Max
    Meet Max

    Max is a friendly dog who wants nothing more but to share his happiness with everyone! Play with him and win the prizes that he has prepared for you!

    He has five different dice pairs for you to choose from, each with its own dedicated prize. You can play with as little as £/€ 0.25 and win up to £/€ 200,000!

    You can select the number of domino pairs you wish to play at the bottom of the screen – reveal each pair one at a time or all of them simultaneously to see if they match! If they do, they become highlighted you win the prize indicated under the pair. Throw this adorable dog a bone – Meet Max and try your luck!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,25
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Mega Safe
    Mega Safe

    Breaking into a safe is easier than you might think! There’s no need for an elaborate heist plan! All you need is to log in to your Vikingslots account and start playing Mega Safe for the same – if not greater – rewards!

    This game gives you the chance to win prizes of up to £/€ 200,000 with bets as small as £/€ 0.50. You can play up to 6 lines which each gives you three numbers that you need to match with the safe’s lock code. If any of your number combinations match the code, the safe automatically opens to reveal your prize!

    Making 10,000 times your initial bet amount has never been easier!

    Minimum bet: £/€ 0,50
    Biggest win: £/€ 200,000

  • Moolah Monsters
    Moolah Monsters

    Your childhood monsters have made their way to the Moolah Monsters game, and they look friendlier than you might remember!

    This fun instant game gives you four playing areas from which you can select just one or all four to play! The paytable on the left side of the screen shows you what patterns you need to acquire in order to win – if you get any such patterns in the playing area(s), the winning pattern will be highlighted in the paytable to indicate how much you have won!

    With bets as little as £/€ 0.25 and profits as much as 10,000 times your bet amount, you’ve found the perfect place to make money whilst having fun!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£100,000

  • Numero Uno
    Numero Uno

    Numero Uno is an exciting scratch card game in which you can win prizes of up to £/€ 200,000, with bets starting from as little as £/€ 0.50! Enjoy a gripping gaming experience, coupled with lovely graphics!

    The rules are simple: the playin g area contains 24 boxes – you need to select 16 of those by either click on each box one at a time, or by selecting the “Quick Pick” option which does it for you. In order to win, you either need to find five or more 1’s, or find a treasure chest to win the prize which is indicated in the Prize Table.

    Push yourself do the limit! Do you have what it takes to be number one?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Poker King
    Poker King

    How do you fancy your chances as a card player? Are you usually the first out knocked off the table or have you gained a reputation as a shark? Well, none of that matters here.

    Welcome to Poker King.

    In this classic game, you play against the dealer. You will be dealt two cards facing up, and five additional cards of which you will need to scratch and reveal three. The dealer’s three hidden cards will be revealed at the same time as yours. You may also scratch the “Prize” area to reveal the amount you are set to win should your cards be stronger than the dealer’s.

    The rules are simple: get a better hand than your opponent and become the king!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Postcards

    Postcards is a fun scratch game with a beautifully crafted backdrop, in which you can win incredible prizes up to £/€ 200,000!

    In order to begin, you will need to pick a city from the globe which you will be presented with – alternatively, you can click on the “Random City” option so that a city is chosen for you. Once you have done that, you have to choose the number of paylines that you wish to play, with a minimum and maximum of 1 and 3 lines, respectively.

    Scratch the fields and if the postcard matches the city that you have chosen, you win the prize that is shown!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Power Cash
    Scratch cards - Power Cash

    Ever wanted to combine all the excitement of a classic fruit machine with the online scratch games you know and love? Well, that’s exactly what’s on offer with Power Cash – a unique experience that brings together the best of all worlds!

    Fresh, fruity and fab in every way, with Power Cash you can bet anything from just £/€0.02 right up to £/€10 per line. And with a full seven lines to play with each click, you can maximise your chances of taking home something tasty!

    Prizes vary from £/€1 per line up to a massive jackpot of £/€200,000 – hardly your average fruit machine payout! It really couldn’t be easier to try your luck and take a spin with Power Cash – it’s the combined thrill you’ve been waiting for!

    Minimum bet: £/€0.02
    Biggest win: £/€200.000 

  • Pyramid

    Pyramid is a fun game set on an amazing casino backdrop, with grand prizes reaching up to a potential £/€ 200,000! The very nature of this game makes it extremely enjoyable to play – you won’t even feel time pass!

    While it looks like typical slot machines, the goal of the game is to scratch the areas on the machines and reveal the symbols as well as the potential prize.

    If the field that you have scratched contains three symbols identical in shape and colour, then you win the prize that is shown at the bottom of the playing area!

    You can place bets as small as £/€ 0.50 and win up to 10000 times your bet amount!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,5
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Roll the Dice
    Roll the Dice

    Roll The Dice is an extremely entertaining and interactive game which boasts an attractive futuristic layout, while maintaining a colorful and fun gaming atmosphere!

    The rules of the game are simple and straightforward:

    • Choose the amount that you wish to bet (remember that the prize amount goes up along with your bet amount!)
    • Select the number of columns that you’d like to play
    • Click on the ‘Play’ button
    • Three dice will appear in each column that you have selected. If the dice in each column are identical, you win the prize shown in the paytable on the left of the screen!

    There are different prize tiers that you can win, with a grand prize of £/€ 200,000 up for grabs!

    Who’s to say it doesn’t have your name on it?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,05
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Royal Slots
    Royal Slots

    Royal Slots is a classic video slot machine which allows you to play up to three games at once, adding another dimension to the already existing excitement that is offered in this game!

    Combining slick graphics with a user-friendly interface, this is sure to be a favourite for all gamers!
    The rules are simple:

    • Select the number of games that you’d like to play
    • Choose the amount of money that you wish to bet, keeping in mind that higher stakes equals higher wins – a top prize of £/€ 200,000 is up for grabs!
    • Click on the ‘Spin’ button – once the reels stop spinning, the prize area will be revealed
    • If you’ve acquired three matching symbols, you win the prize shown!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Royal Wedding
    Royal Wedding

    Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding has inspired many people to do many wonderful things. It has inspired us to do the most wonderful thing of all: release a highly thrilling Royal Wedding scratch card game with an incredibly attractive £/€ 200,000 grand prize!

    That’s right, there’s absolutely no better way to celebrate!  The rules are easy to follow:

    • Select the number of lines that you’d like to play
    • Choose the amount of money that you want to bet. Always remember that higher bets mean higher payouts with up to 10,000 your initial bet amount!
    • Scratch the playing area to uncover the symbols – if you get three matching ones, you win the prize that is shown on the right!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Scratch N Roll
    Scratch N Roll

    Scratch N Roll is a fun interactive game which is set on a typical casino table backdrop, making your gaming experience as authentic as possible!

    The goal of the game is to throw the dice on the table and if the dice’s numbers match the ones on your game-card, you win the applicable amount!

    In order to play, you just need to select your preferred bet amount by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, keeping in mind that potential winnings rise along with bet amounts! After that, simply click on ‘Play’ in order to throw the dice and wait for the outcome.

    If you win, your earnings will be added to your game balance.

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Slot 777
    Slot 777

    Slot 777 is an extremely enjoyable scratch card game which resembles a slot machine setting – combining the best of both worlds! Its straightforwardness and user-friendly interface makes it a pleasure for both seasoned gamers and beginners!

    In order to play the game, all you need to do is the following:

    • Choose the amount of money that you are willing to bet, bearing in mind that stakes go higher according to the amount that you bet!
    • Scratch the play areas of all three machines by clicking on them to reveal the symbols and potential prizes
    • If you acquire a matching combination of icons, you win the prize that is shown under the machine!

    Minimum bet:  €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Spy Comics
    Spy Comics

    Bringing you back to the classics that are our beloved comic books, this scratchie is sure to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you click away in the exhilarating Spy Comics game!

    The rules are simple:

    • Choose the amount that you would like to bet by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons. Keep in mind that the higher your bet, the higher the gains!
    • You are presented with nine squares. Click on four of them to reveal their content – if the three of the squares contain the same image, you win the prize that is shown on the top right of the screen!

    Test your spy powers by trying to win as many times as you can!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Sudoku Panda
    Sudoku Panda

    Bringing one of the most adorable animals to our game collection, Sudoku Panda is an easy-going and enjoyable scratch card game with a lovely backdrop of a serene countryside pond, guaranteed to give you an entertaining gaming experience!

    The rules of the game are as simple as they get:

    • Choose the amount of money that you wish to bet by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons
    • Pick the number of lines that you wish to play, with a minimum and maximum of one line and nine lines per game, respectively
    • Reveal the covered squares in the playline(s) with two possible winning scenarios: the number in the line completes the 1-9 number series (in no necessary particular order), or a panda paw is revealed – which also doubles the prize amount

    Place bets as small as £/€ 0.10 and win prizes in the thousands!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,10
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Super Hippodrome
    Super Hippodrome

    Super Hippodrome brings the excitement of the horse tracks straight to your screens! This highly thrilling scratchie will undoubtedly give you the same thrill as you can expect from a real race track, with a grand prize sure to make you want to start galloping around the neighbourhood!

    The rules of the game are simple. You just need to follow the steps below:

    • Select the amount that you want to bet, by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
    • Choose the number of cards that you want to play with, with a minimum of one card and a maximum of eight cards – each one will contain the final ranking of the race
    • Once the race finishes, any correct ranking will be highlighted and you will win the predetermined prize!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,25
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • The Fairy Tale
    The Fairy Tale

    The Fairy Tale is a highly entertaining game set on a fantastic colorful backdrop which, along with its user-friendly gameplay and brilliant animations, provides a perfect platform on which to maximize your gaming experience!

    The rules of the game are very straightforward. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

    • Choose the amount of money that you wish to bet, by clicking on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
    • Click on ‘Play’, and then on ‘Prize’ to reveal the potential sum that you can win
    • Open all of the windows – if three of them contain identical characters, then you win the prize that you had revealed a few seconds earlier!

    You have the opportunity to win a grand prize of up to £/€ 200,000 with bets as little as £/€ 0.50 and no, this part is not a fantasy!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Winners

    You’re close to the finish line and you’re about to make history, you just need to give it that extra push.

    Have you got what it takes? Are you a champion, a title holder, a natural-born winner?

    The confidence and prestige which comes with being part of the Winners group is second to none. The quality of play of this online scratch card game is sure to make you come back for more after every round! With potential high prizes of up to £/€ 100,000, we would be stating the obvious if we say that you’ll be feeling just like a champion in no time!

    Simply match your symbols to the ‘Lucky Symbols’ and win the predetermined prize! Make history!

    Minimum bet: €/£2
    Biggest win: €/£100,000

  • World Champions
    World Champions

    The world cup – the largest sporting event in the world, watched by millions around the world, is by far the most prestigious tournament that any footballer can win.

    Safe to say, the grand prize of up to £/€ 200,000 that you can win in World Champions holds the same amount of prestige as that football trophy does!

    Find your footballing heroes in this highly exciting online scratch card game and reveal three identical symbols in one line or even two identical symbols plus a cup, in order to have a chance at potentially winning the grand prize!

    The penalty is yours to take… you place the ball on the spot; you take a few steps back, you take a deep breath and run towards the ball. The rest is up to you. Do you have what it takes?

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • X&O

    X&O is a revamped version of the classic game that we all love!

    The colorful background, user-friendly gameplay and brilliant animations make this an online scratchie that you can enjoy for hours on end! The fact that you stand to win a maximum jackpot of up to £/€ 200,000 should also serve as a slight incentive to play this highly exciting game!

    The goal is very simple: all you need to do is acquire three identical symbols (either an X or an O) in a vertical line, a horizontal line, or even a diagonal line. The win multipliers that you can obtain are x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x100, x1000, and x10000, with minimum bets as little as £/€ 0.50!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

  • Zodiac

    Are you a Taurus who’s feeling bullish about your winning chances, or perhaps a Saggitarius who’s sure of hitting the winning target or a potential £/€ 200,000 jackpot?

    The 12 Zodiac signs are brought to you in this exhilarating online scratchie which boasts a design and gaming interface which are second to none! Set on a brilliantly designed wheel and star-signs background, this game is sure to make you want to spin away for as long as you can!

    The rules are as easy as pie. You just need to select the sum of money that you would like to bet, click on ‘Spin The Wheel’, and scratch all three stars on the right hand side of the screen. If the symbol that the wheel pin lands on matches any symbol that the stars have revealed, you win that predetermined prize.

    May the Stars be with you!

    Minimum bet: €/£0,50
    Biggest win: €/£200,000

Also available on mobile and tablet
Only available on mobile and tablet
Not available in UK

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